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Hayleys Engineering was established 30 years ago with the intention of making great contributions to the engineering requirements of all commercial and business industries in Sri Lanka and around the world. Hayleys Engineering specializes in providing all products and services related to Power Generators and Spare Parts, Air Conditioners and Heat Ventilation, Industrial Water Pumps, Lifts and Escalators, Automated Car Parking Systems and Marine Engines for Sale in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Engineering is a business entity operating under the patronage of Hayleys Aventura, the premier industrial solutions provider in Sri Lanka, and Hayleys PLC, the leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Engineering is also affiliated with Hayleys Industrial Solutions, the leading supplier of industrial solutions in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia for commercial requirements, and are specialized in providing overall industrial solutions for building industry in ELV and Telecommunications, Fire Detection and Protection, Storage and Material Handling, Motors and Controls Solutions and Medium Voltage Systems in Sri Lanka.


We are Committed to endure customers satisfaction to fulfill their ultimate requirement with the integrity, necessity and professionalism and supreme care, by providing quality products and services , enabling us to contribute to our Customer in elevating the quality of life.


To be a Leading Total Engineering Solutions provider in the region.

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