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Air Conditioning & Heat Ventilation

Relentlessly striving for innovation and creating revolutions to improve performance, as one of the leading engineering companies in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Engineering provides its customers with all-new concepts, technology, products and services in our unique way.

The Industrial Air Conditioning division of Hayleys Engineering provides total engineering solutions with regards to mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in Sri Lanka for a diverse array of industrial customers. Headed by experienced air conditioning experts and qualified engineers, we make sure to deliver customized air conditioning solutions and first class service for all our clients, setting us apart from our competitors. We provide the highest quality of service for our customers through constant upgrades in the air conditioning service process and technology in keeping with industry demands.

Hayleys Engineering's extensive portfolio offers all kinds of air conditioners for sale in Sri Lanka, including air coolers and portable air conditioners. The air conditioners we offer are designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality for intensive commercial and industrial application. The range of portable air conditioners we offer in Sri Lanka have high output and maximum ease of movement. Every air conditioning and heat ventilation project we undertake is individually engineering and carried out to ensure that our customer is delivered a complete and energy efficient system.

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