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Car parking solutions

Hayleys Engineering is also the leading provider of car parking solutions in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to providing the most appropriate and cost-effective automated car parking systems for our valued customers. Powered by hydraulic pumps that move vehicles into a storage position, a mechanical car parking system will multiple the parking capacity of your parking lot.

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Hydro-park is the latest two-post parking lift, functioning as a automatic car parking system and valet parking equipment for sedans and SUVS, suited for both commercial and residential parking purposes. Manufactured by Mutrade and developed with the sole aim of providing extra-reliable, stable and perfectly operational parking equipment and automatic car parking systems in Sri Lanka, Hydro-park utilizes up-to-date designs and components to ensure long last multi-level car parking systems with minimal maintenance.

The Hydro-park car parking system is a hydraulic-driven automated car parking system lifted directly by cylinders; as it moves vertically, the ground level would need to be clear to get the higher-level vehicles down.

  • Galvanized and corrugated platform guarantees safety and long life for the automated car parking system
  • Double hydraulic lifting cylinders direct drive
  • The pole with the piston is chrome for anti-corrosion to ensure long life
  • Individual hydraulic power pack and control panel
  • Self-standing and self-support structure
  • Symmetrical column design
  • Can be relocated
  • Specially-designed control arm for operator to control the lift without getting underneath the platform
  • Synchronization chain assuring the lifting platform balance
  • 2,700kg and 2,300kg for different demands
  • Middle-post sharing feature to save cost and space
  • Electric key switch for security and safety
  • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch
  • Dynamic mechanical locks as anti-falling device which hold the platform in place
  • Manual lock release available in case of electricity failure
  • Platform can be stopped at different heights
  • Hydraulic overloading protection